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Frequently Asked Questions

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When will my order arrive?

How long will it take for my delivery to arrive?

Can I select a particular delivery time?

Will I recieve my delivery on a bank holiday?

I have placed an order for delivery, but I have changed my mind and want to collect it instead? Can I get a refund on the delivery?

How does my fruit and veg get packaged?

I cannot find the items I want. / The item I want is unavailable?

Why is your full fruit and veg range not available?

I have placed an order but need to add more items what can I do?

Why do you not have any fridge or freezer items available to buy online?

Why are the website prices different to the prices in your supermarkets?

There are some products which I can't see clearly when using a phone?

Can I collect my order from the Slough branch on Farnham Road?

Where do I collect my order from?

Can I collect my order the same day?

Can I collect orders anyday of the week?